How To Care For Your Baltic Amber Jewellery

As with any precious or prized possession, Baltic amber jewellery requires particular attention and care to ensure it stands the test of time, maintains its colour, and looks as good tomorrow as it does today. This is particularly important when it comes to amber jewellery, as it is often softer and more brittle than other common types of jewellery or precious gemstones.

When it comes to caring for your Amber jewellery, there are a few things to keep in mind: 

* Genuine amber can scratch easily, especially when it comes into contact with metal. This is why we recommend that you store your Amber jewellery in a soft flannel or velvet pouch. Avoid storing it alongside other jewellery in a box or drawer. 

* Be sure to keep perfume, hairspray, and soaps like shampoo and conditioner away from the amber, and never place your jewellery in commercial cleaning solutions.  

* Remove your amber jewellery when bathing, cooking or applying sunscreen.  

* Do not leave your amber in direct sunlight, as excessive heat can cause long-lasting damage. 

How To Clean Your Baltic Amber Jewellery

Like most jewellery, it's important to regularly maintain and clean your amber to ensure it retains its rich, vibrant colour and continues to shine bright. This is particularly important when it comes to amber jewellery for kids, as dirt, dust and other germ-ridden substances can form on the jewellery with everyday use, which isn't something you want your little one putting in their mouth.  

1. Prepare a bowl or sink of lukewarm water. When doing so, avoid adding any harsh detergents, chemicals or cleaning agents as these can easily damage your amber. 

2. Dip a microfiber or flannel cloth into the water, and wring it out so that the cloth is damp, but not wet. 

3. Gently wipe the cloth over the Baltic amber, removing dirt, dust, body oils and other surface material as you do so.

TIP! Be sure to individually clean and dry each amber bead. If left to dry on their own, the excess water can leave your amber beads with a cloudy appearance.

How To Polish Amber

1. Once your amber is clean, apply a small amount of olive oil to your hands or a cloth and gently rub this into the amber.

2. Remove any excess oil with another soft, dry cloth to polish the amber and restore its trademark shine.

TIP! Don’t have Olive Oil to clean your jewellery? Almond Oil will work just as well.