Our Bambeado products are immensely popular and are now worn by babies and children throughout the world. Made from 100% Baltic amber, we are proud of our selection of bracelets, anklets and necklaces which are designed with safety in mind for our precious ‘little people’.

Baltic Amber Jewellery by Bambeado

Their safety is of the utmost importance at Bambeado, therefore we have had our products tested and all have successfully passed the relevant certifications within New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the USA. Whether it is our standard baby baltic amber teething jewellery range, which comes in bud or bean shape beads and is available in seven colours, or our more sophisticated premium selection that you especially like, we are confident that you will find something to suit the baby or child you have in mind. An ideal gift to welcome the new arrival.

Bambeado Baby Amber Bracelet 

The Bambeado amber bracelets are approximately 14cm long and are made from genuine Baltic amber. The beads in the bracelets are threaded in silk and are individually knotted for safety. Available in seven colours and with a six-month warranty, they look great worn on their own or with a matching Bambeado anklet or necklace. 

Bambeado Baby Amber Anklet 

The Bambeado baby anklets are similar to the Bambeado bracelets but are approximately 15cm long. These are a great solution for when your baby is sleeping as they can be easily tucked into a sock. The trusted Baltic Amber anklets are individually knotted in between each bead for extra safety and are available to match our other Bambeado products. 

Bambeado Baby Amber Necklace 

Our Bambeado baby teething necklaces are what we are best known for. The bud-style bead necklaces which are approximately 33cm long and available in a range of seven colours are extremely popular and are proving to be our best-selling range. For those wanting something a little different for their baby, we have a Premium and Bean style range that come in a variety of colours and styles. We also produce a line with pendants. As always, safety comes first with our necklace range for babies and we have incorporated clasps that have been designed to release under pressure as well as being individually knotted between each bead.